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Intuitive platform. Create your official store with autographed CDs and vinyls, merchandise, lookbooks, all your social media and much more.

Creator-Centric Apps.

Boost your sales with our apps: "Planning" (pre-orders), "Name Your Price" (your fans can give more to support their favorite artist), "Photo Gallery" (create looks and inspire), "On Demand" (merch without overstock).

On Demand Products.

In 3 minutes flat. Choose your products from our range of clothes and colours, upload your design, sell your merchandise to your fans, track your earnings and request a transfer.

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5% commission

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  • On Demand products

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  • Name Your Price

  • Manage orders and customer service on your own

  • No credit card, no subscription, leave whenever you want. Registration fee of €9.99 deducted from your first sale.

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  • DIY package, plus:

  • Orders managed by our logistics team

  • Customer and after-sales service

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