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We are pleased to present our new D2C platform. Today, our platform becomes the platform of difyd2c by changing its name and URL.

What does this mean for you? Discover below the new features and improvements and what we have planned for 2021.

New features:

1/ URL change

  • The URL of your store becomes

  • The redirection of your old link to the new one is automatic.

  • This change allows artists to put their own brand more in the spotlight and any type of creators, outside the musical sphere, to create an online store and sell their items directly to their followers.

2/ Theme: a new design

  • We have refreshed our fonts and added features to our theme to allow you to further customize your store: square and rectangular logo format on a transparent background, choice of logo positioning, customization of the color of the navigation bar, size of the welcome image in homepage, side hamburger menu, new background of the store section in white to improve your conversion rate, new display of the product collections and finally a scrolling photo carousel.

  • Find here our guide to use these new features on your store.

3/ New help center

  • Our creators' help center has evolved to bring you more complete content and a more reactive customer service. Discover it here.

Coming Soon:

Facebook Pixel

  • Integrate your Facebook pixel in order to re-target your visitors with advertising campaigns on social media.

  • Feature already available for our Pro accounts

Charts (musical Tops submissions)

  • By choosing this option, you will allow our platform to send automatically your reports of shipped products directly to the Official Charts Company platform in order to integrate SNEP charts.

  • Available from the end of March 2021

Displaying collection pages on mobile

  • The new display of the collections on desktop screens will be deployed on the mobile version. This way, your products will be displayed by collection with the collection title and a "See all collection" button bringing a better browsing comfort to your customers and a better conversion rate!

  • Available from April 2021

Abandoned Cart E-mail Marketing

  • Send an automated e-mail reminder to your customers when they abandon an order, leaving cart before to complete their purchase

  • Available from April 2021


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