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Resident Evil 6 Pc Failed To Load Save Game Data Fixerrar halledi




How can I fix this issue? And if I can't, is there a work around?  . Update: I played Resident Evil 6 on my PS3 Slim and had the issue as well. My suggestion is the same as before. You turn your PS2 off after you exit the save game screen and restart the game. Another thing to try is to delete the game from your PS3 and download the game again. Edit: Just tried the loading screen after quitting to exit the save game and it still had the error.  A: The solution is as simple as this: Make sure the game is installed in a location on the hard drive that has not been written to yet. Shut down your computer, remove the memory stick, turn on your PS3, and then press the POWER button (not the START button). When the loading screen appears, press the START button. While your PS3 is loading the game, you can safely remove the memory stick, and restart your computer to resume your regular programing. Once you are in your game, you can reinsert the memory stick. 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an image processing device, and more particularly, to a device that can integrate auxiliary images, which can be provided as an auxiliary image for a main image, and images of auxiliary information. 2. Description of the Related Art Recently, a digital camera that photographs an image by means of an imaging element such as a CCD or CMOS in a digital form and records the image on a recording medium has been widely used. Recently, digital cameras have been reduced in size, have improved in performance, and have become very convenient to carry. Conventionally, when recording a photograph with a digital camera, a photographer is required to manually set a condition for the digital camera, such as the image size, the number of frames to be recorded, the range of the photographic composition, and the like, after shooting a main image. If a photographer performs shooting operations in a state where he/she cannot adequately set the condition for the digital camera and performs shooting operations after being required to change the setting condition, image quality and a frame number may deteriorate. Further, since shooting conditions cannot be specified, a desired image cannot be photographed. For example, when the image size is set to be smaller than the size of a general recording medium and a large number of images are to




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Resident Evil 6 Pc Failed To Load Save Game Data Fixerrar halledi

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